The Cognitive Computing Startup List


The Cognitive Computing Startup List, revised and expanded on September 9, 2018:

Cognitive Computing Company Database v17

Distribution of Cognitive Computing Companies by Country:



Segment Key:

  • Sec – Security, Surveillance, Monitoring
  • Cars – Autonomous Vehicles
  • HMI – Human-Machine Interface
  • Robot – Drones and Robots
  • Chip – Silicon Platforms
  • Plat -Deep Learning Cloud Compute/Data Platform and Services
  • VaaS – Vision as a Service
  • ALaaS – Audio and Language as a Service
  • Mark – Marketing and Advertising
  • CRM – CRM and HR
  • Manf – Operations, Logistics and Manufacturing
  • Map – Aerial Imaging and Mapping
  • Med – Medicine and Health Care
  • Media – Social Media, Entertainment and Lifestyle
  • Fin – Finance, Insurance and Commerce
  • IT – IT Operations and Security



Name Description URL Country State Vision Embed Sec Cars HMI Robot Chip Plat VaaS ALaaS Mark CRM Many Map Med Media Fin IT
2Hz Voice audio quality improvement with machine learning USA CA x x
3DSignals predictive maintenance based on audio analysis Israel x
4Paradigm Scaled deep learning cloud platform China x
ABEJA General deep learning methods for analytics, predictive simulation on the cloud Japan x
Abundant Robotics Deep learning in agricultural robotics USA CA x x x
Accelerated Dynamics AI Command & Control software for drones UK x x x
Affectiva Emotion recognition software USA MA x x
AIBrain AI solutions for personal and social intelligence via smartphones and robotics USA CA x x
AiCure AI for continuous patient monitoring and drug trials USA NY x x x
AiDO Siri for local services South Africa x
Aidoc ML Image analysis and diagnosis workflow optimization Israel x
AIMotive Portable software for automated driving Hungary x x x x
Airware Commercial drone software platform USA CA x x x
AISense Speech Processing: ASR, speaker ID, speaker separation, speech/text sync USA CA x
AISpeech Real-time and cloud-based automated speech recognition for car, home and robot UI China x x x x x
aitoe Customized Video Analytics on the edge USA WA x x
AKA AI engines and robots with human-machine interfaces Japan x x x
Alchera Technologies Real-time analysis of movement of people and vehicles UK x x x
Algocian Video analytics for security and automotive applications Canada x x x
Algolux* Machine and deep learning image signal processing for automotive and neural network computer vision Canada x x x x
Algorithmic Intuition Smart low-power sensors USA CA x x
Allegro Software environment for data-management, training,and deployment of DL vision applications Israel x x
Alpha I Proprietary Bayesian methods, machine learning and cloud supercomputing to spot transient market inefficiencies UK x Deep-learning-based video analysis system USA CA x x x
Amplero Machine learning for marketing support USA WA x
Anki Smart toys USA CA x x x
Any Vision Tactical surveillence and recognition systems Israel x x x x
AnyVision Face recognition using deep neural networks Israel x x
Aqrose Computer vision for manufacturing inspection China x x x
Argo AI Artificial intelligence for self-driving cars USA PA x x x
Arimo Deep learning on big data analytics USA CA x Deep learning platform to build, manage and scale aopplications India x
Athelas Computer vision to rapidly analyze blood cells and generate diagnostic reports USA CA x x x
Atomwise Trial drug prediction USA CA x
Audioburst ASR-based indexing of audiomedia  content for smart search Israel x
Augury predictive maintenance Israel x
Auro  Robotics Driverless campus shuttles USA CA x x x
Aurora AI Solution sevices for deep learning application UK x
Automat Machine-learning based bots for marketing Canada x
AutoX Camera-centric low-cost autonomous driving software stack USA CA x x x
Avalon AI Machine-learning based Alzheimer’s diagnosis of MRI images UK x x
Aylien Text, image and news analysis API Ireland x x x
BabbleLabs* Deep learning for speech processing in cloud and embedded systems USA CA x x x x
Bay Labs Our team brings diverse expertise to the challenge of detecting and managing heart disease via machine learning, visual neuroscience, robotics, and physics. USA CA x
Behavox Employee monitoring for compliance with ASR, especially for traders UK x
Beijing Orion Star Far-field smart speaker China x x
Benevolent Using deep learning-based analysis to evolve the process of pharma R&D UK x
Beyond Verbal Voice  analysis for emotion recognition by ML Israel x AI-assisted customer support USA CA x Image analysis software The Netherlands x x
Blue Vision Labs Machine perception technology for robotics, self-driving cars, augmented reality and drones UK x x x
BMLL Technologies Global historical limit order book analysis with Baysean machine learning UK x
Brain Corp Autonomous driving for commercial cleaning robots USA CA x x x
BrainChip Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor USA CA x x x
Brodmann17 Efficient deep-learning-based vision on embedded devices for cars Israel x x x
Butterfly Networks At Butterfly Network, we are reinventing the ultrasound machine by squeezing all of its components ​onto a single silicon chip, onboard Deep Learning Algorithms. USA CT x
Calipsa Cloud-based Neural network systems for video analytcis UK x x
Cambricon Device and cloud processors for AI China x x x
Camereyes detecting and monitoring Diabetic Retinopathy using cutting edge optics and  deep learning Israel x x
Camio Smart video monitoring USA CA x x x
Capio Automated speech recognition USA CA x
Captricity Handwriting recognition technology USA CA x
CareSkore CareSkore aggregates and normalizes data through machine learning to get a 360 view of patients. USA CA x
Cartoaware Design services for map and location-based apps USA DC x x
Celaton Machine learning as a service for incoming business communications UK x
Cerebellum Capital Hedge Fund based on investment with machine learning USA CA x
Cerebras Systems Specialized next-generation chip for deep-learning applications USA CA x x x
Chatterbox Labs Data synthesis and cognitive engine platform UK x
Chipintelli Soeech recognition chip for local speech processing China x x x
Cirrascale Cloud compute for deep learning USA CA x
Citrine Informatics AI-powered materials informatics USA CA x
Clarifai Image and video recognition API USA NY x x
Clear Metal Mining, simulation and prediction of global trade dynamics USA CA x
Clearpath Robotics Autonomous robot development platform Canada x x x
CloudMedx artificial intelligence software for medical analytics USA CA x
Clover Intelligence Speech recognition and analysis for sales calls USA CA x
Cogitai Continual-learning AI software, that will let devices that sense and act get smarter with experience USA CA x x
Cognata syntheetic driving data for autonomous vehicle system verification Israel x x
Cognative Self-learning algorithms for ad buyers USA NY x
Cogniac state of the art image classification and anomaly detection for inspection and manufacturing applications USA CA x x x
Cognicor NLP based platform which enable people to chat and get a lot of things done Spain x
Cognitive ID continuously identification of the user  by analyzing metrics processing of user-to-machine interaction using deep learning Israel x
Cognitive Pilot Autonomous control system for ground transportation Russia x x x
Comma AI Open source autopilot USA CA x x x
Content Technologies Text analysis services and applications USA CA x
ContextVision Imaging for medical applications using deep learning Sweden x x x
Cortexica Retail analytics projects: product discovery, auto-taging of attributes, brand tracking, auto-categorization of products, shopping by camera UK x x
Cortica Visual search and understanding Israel x x Semantic fingerprinting of text Austria x
CrossingMinds Predictive models and cultural taste correlations for products and services adapt to individual USA CA x
CrowdAI Human and automated image labeling USA CA x x
Curemetrix Deep learning in medical imaging. First target: breast cancer. USA CA x x
Cyberlytic Cyber security machine learning for web applications:  classify attack data, identify threat patterns, and detect anomalies UK x
CyCorp Knowledge reasoning database/API USA TX x
Cylance Security with AI and ML USA CA x
Cyra Machine learning and natural language processing for candidate sourcing UK x
D-Ear Technologies Voice recognition and authentication cloud service China x
DarkTrace Machine learning for cyber security UK x
Datalogue CV and NLP-based data prep USA NY x
Dataminr Real-time news feed analysis USA NY x
DataRobot Machine learning for data analytics USA MA x
Deep Genomics Modeling cellular behavior/ DNA modification with deep learning Canada x
Deep Informatics Deep learning for medical imaging China x x
Deep Instinct Deep learning in cyber security Israel x
Deep Learning Robotics Robotic training from computer vision Israel x x x
Deep Solutions DL application development services: image recognition, NLP, object detection, time series prediction, anamoly detection, recommendation systems Israel x
Deep Trading deep learning predictions in international financial markets Israel x
Deep Vision Low-power silicon architecture for computer vision USA CA x x x
Deep Vision Face and brand detection and recognition Argentina x x x
Deep Vision Real-time intelligent machine perception technology (mil-aero) Canada x x x
Deep6 Analytics Artificial intelligence to mine electronic health records to find eligible patients for clinical studies USA CA x
DeepGlint 3D computer vision and deep learning for detection, tracking and recognition of humans and vehicles China x x x
Deepgram Customizable speech transcription by end-to-end neural network USA CA x
DeepInnovations Home applications based on deep learning, starting with surveillance for swimming pool safety UK x x x
Deeplite DNN optimizer for speed and power. Canada x x
Deepomatic Data-set building, deep learning and detection API France x x
DeepScale* Perception for Autonomous Vehicles USA CA x x x Training and services for deep learning USA CA x
DeepSentinel Integrated home security camera system powered by deep learning, USA CA x x x
DeepVu Deep learning service for supply chain management USA CA x
Descartes Labs Geoanalytics platform USA NM x x
Diffblue AI for Code: automate coding tasks: bug fixing, test writing, finding  exploits, refactoring code, translating between languages, and creating original code to specifications UK x
Digital Reasoning Creation/use of knowledge graphs USA TN x
DigitalGenius AI in customer service USA CA x
Ditto Labs Brand image recognition USA MA x AI for autonomous vehicles USA CA x x x
DroneDeploy Cloud apps for aerial analysis USA CA x x
Element AI AI-based business solutions, led by Yoshua Bengio Canada x
Elevoc Intelligent voice solution for single and multi-channel noise reduction China x x
Eloquent Labs Natural language live chat for customer service USA CA x
Emotech Ltd AI-powered robot assistant UK x
Emotibot A natural interaction interface between human and machine based on multi-modal China x x x
Emovu Eyeris deep learning vision emotion analytics for embedded  and IoT USA CA x x x
Emteq Facial emotion recognition UK x x x
Enlitic Clinical insights from deep learning, especially medical imaging USA CA x x
Esperanto Technologies AI platform built from RISC-V USA CA x x
Evolve Dyanmics Custom UAV solutions UK x x x
Exteros Pose and gaze estimation, and brand identification USA NY x x x
Eyeris Deep learning-based emotion recognition USA CA x x
eyeSight Embedded computer vision solutions for user monitoring and gesture control in consumer IoT and automotive applications Israel x x x
Face++ Face recognition China x x x x
Fashwell Deep learning for fashion recognition Switzerland x
FeatureSpace Fraud detection modeling software UK x
FeatureX Economic analysis through satellite image analysis USA MA x x
Fifth Dimension Data analysis for intelligence, using deep learning, but seemingly a broad platform https:www.5dimension.comcompany#about_us Israel x x
Figure Eight Training data and ML USA CA x x
FiveAI Software for automated driving UK x x x
FloydNet Easy machine learning as a service with optimized cloud USA CA x
Fluent AI Speech-based user interface Canada x x
FoodVisor Image analysis of food France x x
GetAlert Monitoring in the cloud: GetAlert detects and analyses activities, classifying each event and reporting only those that matter. GetAlert’s proprietary algorithms extract 3D scene structures from 2D images, and can identify humans and classify their activities from every angle. Israel x x
Grail Inc Early stage cancer detection from tumor genomics USA CA x
Graphcore Graph-oriented processors for deep learning UK x x x
Graphistry Visual analysis of networks USA CA x
Greedy Intelligence Language usage and spell checking UK x
GridSpace APIs for measuring and indexing conversation USA WA x
Groq Google spinout doing deep learning chip USA CA x x x
Gryfalcon Technology Low-cost, low-power, high-performance Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors. USA CA x x x
H2O Machine learning software tools USA CA x x
Hailo Technologies Specialized deep learning microprocessor Israel x x x
Hocrox Development services around AI India x
Horizon Robotics Smart Home, automotive and Public safety China x x x x
Hubino Design services for computer vision, AR ad enterprise mobility India x x x
Hyperverge Scene recognition API India x x
i4drive Vehicle detection and tracking software Israel x x x
ICarbonX Individualized health analysis and prediction of health index through the most advanced data mining and machine analysis technologies China x
Idio Saas machine learning on text content to build per customer interest and intent profiles UK x
Iktos Drug discovery with generative networks France x
Imagia Deep learning for radiological detection Canada x x
Imagry Deep learning software object recognition engine for embedded devices Israel x x
Imotions Automated facial expression recognition and emotion analysis USA CA x x x
Imubit Prediction of future operational events using  AI for industrial applications USA CA x
Indico Natural language sentiment interpretation software USA MA x
Inoven Specialized Artificial Intelligence solutions for Visual Recognition. Turkey x x
Insilico Medicine Deep learning services to pharma, drug and biomarkers discovery Israel x
intellegens Deep learning engine optimized for sparse and incomplete data, with applications in materials and drug discovery UK x x x
Intellifusion Cloud-based deep learning for public safety and industrial monitoring China x x x
Intelligent Voice Speech to text UK x
IntelliGo Hardware and software for image and speech processing Taiwan x x x x x
Intelnics Neural library software for general analytics Spain x
Intuition Robotics Intuition Robotics builds an active aging companion that keeps older adults active and engaged UK x x x
Invenia Invenia predicts electricity grid activity using machine learning-based predictive models Canada x
Iris Automation DL-based drone obstacle avoidance Canada x x x
iSentium Extracting sentiment from unstructured social content for finance, brand management and politics USA FL x x
Jantana Deep learning for customer support response automation Denmark x
JukeDeck Neural Network music composition UK x
Jungo Connectivity driver monitoring using deep learning Israel x x x
Keen Research On-device ASR USA CA x x
Kensho Technologies Scalable machine learning and analytics for financial markets USA MA x
Kheiron Medical Deep learning tools for radiologists UK x x
Kimera Distributed cognition engine using unsupervised learning USA OR x
Kindred Humanoid robotics with intelligence USA CA x x x Speech trigger, speech recognition and natural language processing for chatbots USA WA x x
Kneron Embedded nueral network software for emotion and activity recognition, navigation and surveillance, plus FPGA-based accleration USA CA x x x
KONUX AI on smart sensors Germany x x
Kortiq Design and tools for efficient deep learning inference on FPGAs www.kortiq.cxom Germany x x x x
Kuznech Deep learning-based application development services Russia x x
Last Mile Technologies Open-source natural language understanding tool UK x
Leapmind Embedded deep learning platform Japan x x x
Leben Neural network based ophtamology for detecting and tracking retinal problems Singapore x x
Level 6 AI Deep learning SaaS for enterprise Canada x
Leverton Leverton develops and applies deep learning to extract, structure and manage corporate documents Germany x
Lexalytics Sentiment analysis and  categorization for multi-language NLP USA MA x
Lighthouse Smart home interaction, security and monitoring system USA CA x x x x
Lily Camera Easy to use “throw and shoot” drone USA CA x x x
Linguamatics NLP text mining UK x
LipSight Complex video analysis especailly facial movement recognition and lip reading Israel x x x
Loop AI Unsupervised learning appliance and software USA CA x
Luminist Blueprint of overall biochemistry for individual health USA CA x
Luminoso NLP analytics USA MA x
Lunit Machine learning in medicine South Korea x
Lyrebird Speech synthesis with personalized voices Canada x x
Maana Big data analytics with deep learning of oil, gas and industrial applications USA CA x
Machines with Vision Precise dynamic vehicle positioning with vision UK x x x
Mad Street Den Computer vision based AI enables retailers to provide a customer avatar USA CA x x
Magentiq eye Deep learning-based Automatic Polyp Detection System Israel x x
Mapillary World largest labeled street view dataset for autonomous vehicle training Sweden x x x
Marax AI Intelligent matching platform for CRM India x
Mashgin Self-checkout kiosk using 3D reconstruction, computer vision and deep learning USA CA x x x
Matroid Computer vision with deep learning, especially for 3D USA CA x x
MEDANN Contactless medical event monitoring with DL Canada x
MedWhat Unified algorithmic architecture for human-level intelligence in medicine USA CA x
MedyMatch AI-driven diagnostic tools using 3D imaging, the breadth of patient-specific data, and other relevant data, concurrently,for precise clinical decisions Israel x x
Memkite On-device image recognition using CNN Norway x x x
Mentat  Innovations Cloud machine learning for IoT data streams UK x
micropsi Autonomous software agents Germany x
MindMeld Conservational UI with NLP USA CA x* Tools and services for neural network training USA CA x x
MINDSET Natural language processing using word vectors mind— South Korea x
Minieye ADAS vision cameras and software China x x x
Mobvoi Smart watch with voice search using cloud China x x x
Mod9 Technologies ASR, and keyword search for speech, plus Visual similarly algorithms USA CA x x x x x
Momenta AI platfrom for level 5 autonomous driving China x x x
Morpheus Labs Machine learning for  autonomous vehicles and traffic modeling using “learning from demonstration” UK x x
MorpX MORPX commercializes computer vision and deep learning technologies for low-cost and low power platforms China x x x
Mythic-AI Ultra-low power NN inference IC design based on flash+analog+digital USA TX x x x Easy Machine Learning as a service using transfer learning USA CA x
Nara Logics synaptic intelligence for business intelligence USA MA x
Nauto Smart camera and cloud for autonomous driving USA CA x x x
Netra Visual brand search and intelligence USA MA x x
Netradyne Fleet driving monitoring India x x x
Neural Painting Saas for neural art The Netherlands x
Neurala Neural networks for drones, self-driving cars, toys and cameras USA MA x x x
Neurence Cloud-based vision and audio recognition platform UK x x
Nexar phone-based driving monitor and guide Israel x x x
NNaisense Sensory motor control and RNNs Switzerland x
Novumind AI for IoT USA CA x x x x
Noxton Analytics Pedestrian traffic capture and analysis UK x x x
Nudgr Machine learning website exit intent platform UK x
Numenta Reverse engineering the neocortex to build machines that work on the same principles USA CA x
Numerate Data-driven drug design USA CA x
Nuro AI Robotics for level-4 self-driving cars USA CA x x x
nuTonomy Urban driving automation USA MA x x x
Oncora Medical Better software tools that extract and structure this data are needed to enable predictive analytics and precision radiation oncology. USA PA x
OpenAI Non-profit AI research USA CA x x
OpenCapacity A system to collect, analyse, predict and display status of public transportation. UK x
Orbital Insight Geoanalytics platform USA CA x x
OrCam Technologies Smart glasses for the visually impaired Israel x x x
Osaro Automation solutions for computer and robotic systems driven by deep reinforcement learning USA CA x x x
Oseven Cloud-based driver monitoring platform for the automotive insurance industry UK x
OxBotica Software for autonomous vehicle computer vision and machine learning www.oxbotica UK x x x
Oxipit Neural network based radiology assessment Lithuania x x
Pat Natural language understanding for machines USA CA x
Persado Optimized language generation USA CA x
Phenomic Deep learning for microscopy to accelerate cancer drug discovery Canada x x
Phonexia Cloud speech platform – ID speaker, language, gender,age  keyword, ASR Czech x
Phrasee AI to generate and optimize email marketing language like email subject lines UK x
Pilot AI Labs Security, surveillance and monitoring software solutions USA CA x x x Hedge Fund with AI investment strategy USA CA x
PitStop Monitoring, prediction and reporting of vehicle maintenance USA MI x x
Pixoneye Detailed user profiling from personal image library analysis www.pixoneye Israel x
Planet Global imaging USA CA x x
PlusAI Level 4 autonomous driving software stack USA CA x x x
PointGrab computer vision-based smart sensors for building automation Israel x x x
Preferred Networks Real time data analytics with deep learning and Chainer library Japan x x
Presenso preventitive maintenance for manufacturing using machine learning Israel x
Prisma Labs Vision APIs for style transfer, segmentation, object detection, scene recognition and face landmarks USA CA x x
ProductAI Visual product search and tagging APIs designed for industry verticals ( in China) China x x Revolutionise the development of video-games and crowd-simulation by applying state-of-the art machine learning techniques UK x
pulseData PulseData builds adaptive, predictive engines, based on machine learning, for Hospitals and Healthcare companies, to identify patients at risk of a bad, avoidable medical outcome USA NY x
Qelzal Aircraft avoidance & obstacle avoidance systems for commercial drones USA CA x x x
Quanergy Solid state lidar USA CA x x x
QuantWorks Custom computer vision solutions using deep learning Switzerland x x x x
Rainbird Technologies Saas for business operations based on knowledge map construction and use UK x
RapidMiner Machine learning and data management platform USA MA x
Re:infer Neural networks and symbolic reasoning for CRM interfaces UK x
Realeyes Audience response measurement to videos using computer vision and machine learning UK x x
Recursion Pharmaceuticals Imaging-based disease/treatment models USA UT x x
Reduced Energy Microsystems Lowest power silicon for deep learning and machine vision USA CA x x x
Replika Free chat bot Slovenia x
Resnap Deep learning image selection The Netherlands x x
Retechnica Text-based machne learning software UK x
Revuze Marketing sentiment analysis with ML Israel x
RobArt Autonomous mobile robots based on AI control unit Austria x x x
RoboCV Intelligent autopilots for warehouse vehicles Russia x x x
Rokid Home personal assistant – ASR + face/gesture China x x x
SafeCue vehicle behaviour predictions with deep learning Israel x
Scaled Inference Cloud-based deep learning platform, for ecommerce and financial services USA CA x
Scortex Embedded machine intelligence platform and smart camera France x x x
Seamless.AI Personal sales assistance USA OH x
SecondSpectrum Machine intelligence helps you know more, share more and win more, by watching every second of film and automatically understanding everything that happens in the game USA CA x x x
SeetaTech Open source development platform to enable enterprise vision and machine learning China x x
Seldon Deep learning open source platform and services UK x
Semantic Machines NLP for live conversations USA MA x
SenseTime Computer vision China x x x x x x x
Sensifai Deep learning to recognize video semantics for large-scale video management Belgium x x
Sentenai Data stream software for sensors USA MA x x
Senter IoT and AI for health care USA MA x
Sentient Deep learning platform for medical, ecommerce and finance USA CA x
Sentisum NLP and deep learning combining text analytics with quantitative customer metrics for decision making UK x
Sentrian Aims eliminate preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in biosensors and clinician-directed machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration earlier and with higher accuracy USA CA x
Shield AI Real time vision and mapping from drones for military applications USA CA x x x
Sight Machine Real-time visibility and actionable insights in manufacturing process data USA MI x
Sighthound person detection, face detection, and facial recognition, available in the cloud, on embedded chips, or computers USA FL x x x x x
SigOpt Hyperparamter optimization for machine learning USA CA x
Siwa Automated chat agents for customer communication USA NY x
Skindroid intelligent sensors for skin-based monitoring USA CO x x
Skydio Industrial drones USA CA x x x
Skymind Tools and services for deep learning in enterprise with Hadoop and Spark – Deeplearning4J library USA CA x AI voice platform for connected devices that run fully on-device France x x
Sonalytic Our proprietary technology identifies individual songs, mixed content and short audio clips with unparalleled robustness and speed, and the world’s most comprehensive database of music plays. UK x
Soteria Intelligence Social media and analytics based on deep learning USA CA x x
SoundHound Voice enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies USA CA x x
SpaCy Open source NLP library Germany x
SparkBeyond General machine learning platform and services Israel x
SparkCognition Machine learning for cyber-security and industrial safety and efficiency USA TX x
Speechmatics Cloud-based ASR UK x
Sportcaster computer vision for viewing sporting events Denmark x x x
Tamr Machine learning for marketing support USA CA x
Tend Vision as a service USA CA x x
Tenstorrent Deep learning processor: designed for faster training and adaptability to future algorithms Canada x x x
TeraDeep Neural Network technology and appliances USA CA x x x
Terrabotics Routine and scalable mapping, measurement and monitoring of remote assets, operations and the environemnt throuhg earth observations UK x x
Terraloupe 3D geoanalytics platform Germany x x
TheySay Text analysis technology for large-scale monitoring to drive understandng of subjective emotions and opinions UK x
ThinCI vision processing chips USA CA x x x
Thinkforce AI chips China x
Third Eye Systems Commercial and industrial surveillence and monitoring systems UK x x x
TickAI AI Financial Market Portfolio Management USA DE x
Tractable image and text understanding software UK x x
Trax Rich multi-dimension retail analysis solution though vision DL components Israel x x Facial recognition API USA CA x x x
TUPU Image recognition technology and services China x x
tuSimple Software for self-driving cars: detection and tracking, flow, SLAM, segmentation, face analysis China x x x
Twenty Billion Neurons AI systems that combine deep learning and German engineering Germany x
TypeScore Automated risk assessment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using Artificial Intelligenc UK x
Unisound AI-based speech and text China x x
Universal Robotics Machine intelligence with multi-dimensional sensing and motion USA TN x x x
Valoosa Video search Finland x x
Vault Prediction of film financial performance by deep learning Israel x
Velodyne High resolution automotive lidar USA CA x x x Deep learning toolkit USA WA x
Vicarious Unified algorithmic architecture to achieve human-level intelligence in vision, language, and motor control USA CA x x
Vicovery Custom solutions for face and scene recognition Taiwan x x
Video-inform Video and aerial imagery analysis Israel x x x
viisights video tagging and search Israel x x
ViLynx Weakly supervised learning for labeling, analysis and optimal serving  of videos Spain x
Visii Using deep learning to analyze cusomer preferences from product choice UK x
Visio Ingenii Software and services for vision, especially security and surveillance UK x x
Viz Deep learning software for popint-of-care ultrasound solutions USA CA x x x
Voicery Ultra-realistic speech synthesis using neural networks USA CA x
Volley Personal learning assistant based on computational understanding of academic knowledge USA CA x
Voyager Labs Deep learning-based  personnel vetting, credit scoring  and marketing personalization Israel x x
Vuno Machine learning in medicine South Korea x
Wave Computing Deep Learning computers based on custom silicon USA CA x
WebyClip CNN-based video curation and product identification in shopping Israel x x
wrnch Motion capture and activity recognition Canada x x x x x x x x
Wrnch AI Vision for pose estimation Canada x x x x x
Xesol Innovation Perception and vison-based biometrics for autonomous driving Spain x x x x
Xihelm Managing and tracking city infrastructure with AI and computer vision UK x x
XIX Behavior anticipation app using AI USA CA x
Xperience.AI Computer vision and deep learning consultancy: driving, surveillence, embedded Russia x x x x
Yi++ Vision based development services using deep learning China x x x x
YITU Technology Computer vision for surveillance, transportation and medical imaging China x x x
Zebra Medical Vision Neural network radiology image analysis Israel x x
Zephyr Health Helping life sciences companies organize and visualize global health data to better connect their therapies to people in need USA CA x
Zero Labs Combining voice recoignition, human language processing and machine learning for intelligent voice interface Canada x x
Zero Zero Robotics Smart following drone camera China x x x
Zest Finance Machine learning for credit scoring USA CA x
Zoox Fully autonomous cars USA CA x x x

*a Cognite Ventures portfolio company